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Join us for the 3rd edition of the Roquette Beauté Expert Days, a series of exploratory events dedicated to help us RETHINK NATURE!


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  Roundtable Conference Nature Makes Sense! - Animated by Jacques Sebag, Re-sources
Emotions are at the essence of new approaches to skincare. There is much talk about active fragrances and emotional actives. But, strangely, not much is said about textures. While bio-based functionals have truly enabled the sustainable transition, what if they could also actualize the emotional revolution? As the source of distinctive sensory experiences, they come out as highly contemporary materials to explore the relationship between textures and emotional responses. Integrating neurosciences, sustainable innovation and holistic care, this new edition of the Roquette Beauté Expert Days invites you to rethink the questions of touch, textures and emotions. The future is now!

    How the Smell-Touch Congruence Influence Consumers Emotions in Cosmetics 
Anne Abriat, Founder and President of the Smell & Taste Lab
    From Skin to Brain: Neurobiology of Touch
Marcel CREST -  PhD, former Research Director at French CNRS

    Measuring Emotions via Cerebral Responses
Yohan ATTAL - CEO of My BrainTech
    Why Roquette Beauté Ingredients and Nature Make Sense
Géraldine LOUVET-POMMIER - R&D Applications Manager, Roquette Beauté

  Walking lunch and networking

  Roquette Beauté interactive workshops
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