What is the schedule of the « Roquette Beauté Expert Days » ?

- 10:00: Welcome of participants
- 10:30: Conference roundtable
- 12:30: Walking lunch and networking
- 13:30: Interactive workshops in small groups
- 17:00: Departure of participants

What language will the Roquette Beauté
 Expert Days  take place in?

The entire event will take place in English. 

Can I transfer my invitation or come with an accompanying person? 

The event is only accessible to registered participants and reserved to selected clients or partners of Roquette Beauté. All submitted registration is subject to validation by Roquette Beauté. Registration is confirmed with email. 

What is included in the workshops?

Participants will be divided into sub-groups, and will each participate in 3 workshops, distributed in the premises of Roquette Beauté Expertise Center. They will be led to live experiences around Beauté by Roquette® ingredients: apprehend the raw materials, understand their applications, discover the ease of formulations and our customer support in "phygital" mode. 3 hours to "put yor hands on the bench"!

How to contact Roquette Beauté?

By mail: beaute@roquette.com

Follow-us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/roquette-beaute/