The University of Strasbourg, together with the Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences,
is organizing this 3-days summer school to teach scientific and practical bases of biological rhythms


Biological Rhythms Summer School

Basic and clinical aspects of neurobiology of rhythms

The aim of this 3-day Summer school is to transmit to Master2 and doctoral students the scientific and practical bases of biological rhythms and to stress the necessity of integrating the concept of biological rhythmicity in any experimental work. Scientific bases will be provided through 30 min classes given by 15 researchers internationally recognized for their expertise in the neurobiology of rhythms. In addition, PhD students will be asked to give a 5 min presentation of their research project. Further visits and practical work will highlight several specific tools and approaches to study biological rhythms. Attendees will be able to choose workshops in small groups during two afternoons, discuss ethics in neurobiology of rhythms, and meet informally with experts in the field.

As a whole, the Summer school will emphasize the importance of taking into consideration the daily and seasonal variations of any given biological function, and the usefulness of being attentive to the rhythmic specificity of the animal model in question (e.g., diurnal, nocturnal or seasonal).

Registration fees (150 €) comprise meals (lunches and dinners, except for 1st September dinner) and lodging for 4 nights (from 29th August to 2nd September) in double rooms of the Residence CIARUS. Registration is free for students from the Universities of Strasbourg and Haute-Alsace (France), Freiburg (Germany) and Basel (Switzerland). Upon request, travel grants may be proposed depending on the budget. Do not wait: number of attendees is limited to 40 !

Letter of support and proof of status from your supervisor and a short CV will be required for registration

A certificate of attendance will be provided to all participants (21 h of scientific training for students registered at the Health and Life Sciences Doctoral School of Strasbourg).

Partners : Idex-Unistra, Neurex, Société Francophone de Chronobiologie, Société de Neuroendocrinologie, Neuropôle de Strasbourg, Faculté des Sciences de la Vie-Unistra, Ecole Doctorale Vie et Santé-Unistra, Cellule-Congrès de l’Université de Strasbourg.


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